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We are a full service, residential general contractor for remodels and new construction.  We have extensive experience and expertise with custom design-build houses in three different states, speculative new build homes, whole house ‘move out’ remodels, basement finishing, as well as smaller in-house remodeling jobs.  With our ‘in house’ skill set complimented by quality sub-contractors in every trade, we are equipped for any residential job.

Project management:  Project management in residential construction can be compared to putting together a jig saw puzzle.  There are many pieces to figure out they fit together.  It is a constant conversion between client, subcontractor trades, material sources, design professionals, project vision and yes, budget.  Like in a puzzle, the real effort is not in the “open spaces”, but in where one material joins with another and one trade’s work must be coordinated with another.  This is where a contractor’s breadth of knowledge of the whole of construction and ability to be a big picture planner and thinker is vital.  Material choices in one area and what one trade does can have huge consequences for many other trades. 

We pride ourselves in having that breadth of knowledge and experience that we work hard to always improve upon it.  We are big picture thinkers and find great satisfaction in assembling the puzzle in ever new and creative ways.  During construction, we are on every job-site every day that work is being done. 

CAD design:  We use CAD extensively as both general contractors and hands-on craftsman.  Often a design computer is on the job site drawing stair designs, decorative trim work and even for more complicated rough carpentry elements.  We find our drawings to be helpful to clients in making decisions regarding desired final product.  We can produce engineering ready drawings for permitting, framing and foundation work as well as fine finish work detail.

 We are advocates of the design-build approach which unites the design and construction processes under one more seamless process.  There are numerous benefits:  estimating and designing are more closely tied together, fewer details are lost in transition, practicality and buildability concerns are brought into the design process from the start, costs tend to be lower, and the job can be quicker.  There are limitations, however, as we aren’t architects and there are times when an architect is essential.  We are glad to welcome the input of design professional and will strive to make their vision reality.

Custom cabinetry:  We have a fully equipped, full-service custom cabinet shop where we produce cabinets and built-ins for many of our remodel and new construction projects.  Along with cabinet construction and installation, we provide full design services.  We offer both face frame and faceless style cabinets with overlay, recessed, and full overlay style doors.  Doors and drawers can be fabricated in raw, painted, stained or prefinished varieties.  Cabinets can be finished in the shop or installed raw and finished on site depending on whether a project is remodeling or new construction.  Kaleb is the team member who heads up the cabinetry division of the company.

Framing Carpentry:  Simply put, framing carpentry is the backbone of residential construction.  Its hard to be a good general contractor without a thorough background as a framing carpenter.  Sadly, many general contractors, have ever been a framer in their career.  We like framing – even though it is hard work.  It is satisfying to see something emergence from nothing.  Visualizing, calculating and figuring out various elements of a complicated roof or set of stairs, and seeing it come together stick by stick feels good.  Even with multiple projects going, we try to find a way to do our framing “in-house”.  All team members of Sommers Homes know how to frame.  When framing is not done well, it affects every other trade that works on a project.  We don’t frame as sub-contractors for other general contractors, we frame for our own projects.

Trim Carpentry:  Brian began as a trim carpenter and sought to distinguish his business though fine decorative architectural trim details.  We have extensive expertise with custom fire place mantles, built-in bookcases, decorative window treatments, stair cases, and custom built-in closet storage systems.  We have and can do any of these architectural items in a variety of styles – transitional, shaker, craftsman, classical, modern industrial, rustic lodge, contemporary minimalist, eclectic farmhouse, and more. 

Decorative iron work:  Iron is in!  Iron is making a comeback with the popularity of more contemporary and modern industrial styling.  But ironwork is not new.  It was an important part of old world styles with Mediterranean, French, Italian and classical designs.  Iron ads another interesting element to the material palette - both interior and exterior.  The sky is the limit with iron, with so many pre-fabricated ornamental iron pieces.  But plain, straight common iron pieces can be used with a variety of patterns to produce the more contemporary iron styles.  Stairs, railings, window treatments, front door elements, and accent pieces are all excellent places to add architectural interest to your house with iron.  Please look at the various examples of our decorative iron work on our project portfolio.  Let us design and build some decorative iron work for your project.

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